Un faux documentaire sur la vie à bord d'un groupe de bataille de la marine impériale dans l'univers de Star Wars.

Source: http://impstherelentless.com/

"I.M.P.S. (Imperial Military Personnel Stories) – An Epic Documentary of the Best Damn Job in the Galaxy!
(We pronounce it as a one syllable word: imps)

IMPS The Relentless is a sci-fi mockumentary that released it’s first chapter, titled Davenport Gateway, of a seven chapter feature film.  Members of the fan film TROOPS started work on a sequel but quickly realized that IMPS would take on it’s own direction and theme dissimilar to TROOPS.

Davenport Gateway is the transition piece to separate from TROOPS and in to a guided tour aboard the Heavy Class Carrier The Relentless. Each chapter is to portray the duties and characters that build up the Relentless battle group, promoting them as having “the best damn job in the galaxy.”

Principal photography began in 1999 at 10,000 foot elevation on Mt. Shasta."